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Military Marriage Survey

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The 2020 Military Marriage Survey presents an opportunity to increase dialogue within the military community regarding internal and external challenges that service couples face. Acknowledgement of these factors allows for better resource funding and development, an informed mission impact and a proactive responsibility to the service couple. The desired outcome is a focussed approach to lessening relationship ending impacts. By highlighting areas for improvement and offering solutions to lessen relationship ending cycles, the survey’s findings will be used to strengthen the service community through healthy and sustainable marriages.

Understanding Military Marriage Challenges

The 2020 Military Marriage Survey provides a comprehensive understanding of service couples relationships and challenges encountered by our active duty, reserve, guard and retired veterans. With a participant size of 512 participants, the survey provides insight into service marriages from Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and National Guard.

“Successful and functioning marriages play a significant part in mission success. This research has exposed several areas and challenges that have been going on for many years within military families..”

— Dr. Tanoa Williams

Meet The 2021 Team

Bree Carroll

Mrs. Bree Carroll is the Founder of Military Marriage Day and 2020. Bree grew up in Paterson, New Jersey and attended Panther High School, a S.T.E.M. academy sponsored by NASA. She graduated with a B.S. in civil engineering in 2010 from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Bree was immediately accepted into the U.S. Air Force PALACE Aquire program as an engineer. She has served eleven years of civil service and has lead Civil Engineering Squadron’s Portfolio Optimization and Operations Engineering elements.

As the 2020-21 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year, Bree is a proud wife and mother of three. Through her platform she advocates to strengthen military marriages. As a volunteer she supports active duty service families as a Key Spouse, Strategic Advisor for Every Warrior nonprofit, and AMPLIFY Mentor with Hiring Our Heroes.

Tanoa Williams, D.H.Ed.

Dr. Tanoa Williams is the Curriculum Lead Faculty for Health Programs and a Professor at Columbia Southern University. Tanoa grew up as an Army brat, and after completing high school in Fayetteville, NC, attended East Carolina University.

She graduated with a B.S. in 2003 and commissioned into the U.S. Air Force as a Services Officer. After separating from the AF in 2006, she and her husband went on to several other duty stations and are now stationed in Minot AFB, ND. John and Tanoa have 3 children.

Dr. Williams’ research experiences include health literacy research among military members, health literacy among college students, and community health approach to teen pregnancy and academic success. She has consulted for several organizations including the Brevard County Health Department, Melbourne FL, Misawa Chapel Women’s ministry in Misawa Japan, and the North Dakota Health Department. As a military spouse and a female minority leader in her field, Dr. Williams provides a unique perspective to research projects and community initiatives.

Jenna Soliani

Mrs. Jenna Soliani earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education Social Studies from Central Connecticut State University in 2015, and began a fulfilling career with the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) at Lejeune High School aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Pivoting from the field of education, she obtained a Master of Library Science degree from East Carolina University in 2020. With five years of experience in education, she has gained the knowledge and skills to develop effective programs, manage various projects, and bolster community engagement. She aims to serve the military community and build outreach programs that benefit all populations.

the stats

Notable studies that address the military divorce rate, marriage impacts and more.

Military Marriage Survey 2020

All military couples do not describe their marriage relationship as high in quality.

A little over a third of participants could not say that their marriage relationship was exceptional or above average.

Military Marriage Survey 2020

Marriage resources.

Resources may be used to support the relationship, yet respondence felt resources were highly quantified as average and below. There is opportunity to improve accessibility, awareness and diversity of marriage resources.

Military Marriage Survey 2020

Personal fulfillment directly impacts the health of military marriages.

Employment is a constant measuring too used for fulfillment with respondents, yet it is one of the biggest area impacted due to military life.