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Commemorated August 14th & More Than Just A Holiday...

Celebrating Military Marriage Day - Honoring Love and Service

Military Marriage Day is a comprehensive platform dedicated to celebrating and honoring military marriages. This holiday aims to bring together military couples, both active and retired, by providing a range of resources, events, and a supportive community. Join us on Military Marriage Day, August 14th to celebrate the commitment, sacrifice, and resilience of military couples. Participate in events, access resources, and connect with a supportive community year round.


Military Marriage Day is a holiday that extends beyond August 14th. Join us for 7 days dedicated to cultivating greater growth in your relationship and daily giveaways to celebrate the oath and vow of every service couple.


We are all about the data! Military Marriage day conducts surveys to find out how our service couples are really doing. This data is used as notably a pulse check, but to help inform us of how we can better support our couples.


The Military Marriage Day Resource Hub bridges the gap between service couples and marriage resources. Gain access to programs, books, clinicians and more so that you can find what you need to thrive in your #milmarriage .

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Meet The Founder

Bree Carroll, AFI 2020 - 2021 Air Force Spouse of the Year

In 2019 Military One Source reported that 30,608 active duty, guard and reserve marriages ended in divorce. According to other studies, deployed military members in the U.S. Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force have higher than average divorce rates. The impact of these statistics send ripples that fracture service families, hinders the mission and causes financial strain and stress to an already challenging lifestyle.
As the 2020-2021 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year, Bree Carroll used her platform to focus on strengthening military marriages. These overlooked statistics and the gap in connecting service couples with a variety of effective resources has led to the establishment of our services newest holiday, Military Marriage Day.

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Military Marriage Day (MMD) is focused on serving our military couples with four key focuses.


Your union is worth honoring.
Our founder, Bree Carroll, likes to say, "What get's measured, gets managed." In the same way, what gets celebrated gets nurtured. MMD helps service couples shine a lite on the big and small wins in their relationship.
2020 Theme


Kindle the fire within your marriage.
Military life can make it challenging for service couples to connect. This is true for our Guard, Reserve, active duty and retired couples. MMD creates the space to connect or reconnect in exciting new ways.
2021 Theme


Resources for your next level.
To grow your relationship you need to give it what it needs and MMD is here to give you all the tools and resources needed to do just that.
2022 Theme


Keeping the momentum and thriving together.
Team work makes the dream work! Together military couples can build a life of love and a legacy of impact.
2023 Theme

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