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Military Marriage Day Live

TBD August 11th - 14th

MMD 2022

Join us virtually or in person

Military Marriage Day received national attention because of the efforts of MMD Ambassadors. Through their advocacy 14 states recognized Military Marriage Day. State Proclamations were issued from Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Louisiana, Alabama, Delaware & Colorado.

In 2022 our goal is to obtain 51 Proclamations. One for each state and a Presidential Proclamation. We will continue to strive for this goal until we hit it and you get to be a part of each moment! The MMD Virtual Countdown kicks off August 7th - 14th. You can connect with a local event near you on August 13th or join our main event on August 14th in Bossier City, LA.

2022 lineup

The MMD countdown is our virtual celebration ramp up with something for everyone. This year we are highlighting Five & Thrive quality-of-life challenge areas!

Sun, AUG 7 Kick Off

Get excited to tune into Military Marriage Day on FaceBook & YouTube from August 7-14th. This year we will highlight Five and Thrive! We will look at each focus area throughout the week as it relates to our marriage relationships.

Mon, AUG 8 Childcare & Marriagecare

We are talking about our first Five & Thrive topic, childcare! Get insight on support for our kids big and small & resources to support our marriages.

Tue, AUG 9

A+ For You & Us

We are talking about our second Five &  Thrive topic, education! Stay tuned as we share continuing education resources and ways to keep learning together in your marriage.

Wed, AUG 10

Health Check

We are talking about our third Five & Thrive topic, healthcare! Tune in to highlights tHat support our mental and physical health.

Thu, AUG 11

Happy House Happy Spouse

We are talking about our fourth Five & Thrive topic, housing! Learn resources to ease into your new house and how to make it a home.

Fri, AUG 12

Putting In Work

We are talking about our final Five & Thrive topic, spouse employment! We respect those who choose not to work and also want to support those who do. Today we are sharing employment resources and ways to feel fulfilled personally and together.

Sat, AUG 13

Igniting Excitement Together

As you know this year's theme is GROW! We are winding down our countdown with how we can get intentional about growing together.

Sun, AUG 14

it's Military Marriage Day

Presented by Armed Forces Insurance, B Carroll Events, and the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation.

Paradise Theater Margaritaville

777 Margaritaville Way

Bossier City, LA 71111

FREE for Military Couples

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MMD State By State

Join a local celebration event near you! (*)

US Locations

Alabama Julie Cooley

Alaska Heather Campbell


Arkansas Julia Bullock

California Juvilyn Garcia

Colorado Kristen Christy


Delaware Jessica Salter

Florida Kennita Williams & Maxine Reyes

Georgia Bree Carroll

Hawaii Arlene Allen


Illinois Paulette Fryar

Indiana Sara Copp


Kansas Elizabeth Olson Jones

Kentucky Stacey Bilodeau

Louisiana Bree Carroll *


Maryland Kaprece James




Mississippi Cristy Reid

Missouri Amanda Moxley


Nebraska JB Schneider & Amber Conroey


New Hampshire

New Jersey Melanie Simmons

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota Britinie Savoie

Ohio Courtney Nicole

Oklahoma Charity Crawford



Rhode Island

South Carolina Barbara Lercara

South Dakota

Tennessee Shana Smith

Texas Aj Smit *

Utah Danielle Lankford


Virginia Elizabeth Castro *

Washington Richelle Futch

West Virginia


Wyoming Victoria Gerth

MMD 2022 Coming Soon

We can't wait until our next Military Marriage Day celebration! Let the countdown begin!